About the Coalition

Our Vision

Engineering a more sustainable, just and resilient future

Our Mission

Mobilizing an engineering-led coalition to make resilience and sustainability a cornerstone of every decision in the infrastructure lifecycle in every community around the globe.

Our Commitment

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure will identify and address the biggest barriers to action that have prevented us from working together for a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future.

While the engineering-inclusive organizations at the center of the coalition seek to bring the kind of practical, science-based and solutions-oriented perspective that engineers are generally known for, we recognize that engineering-inclusive organizations alone cannot solve the systemic problems that exist at the intersection of climate change, aging infrastructure, and underinvestment. A multidisciplinary, multi-sector, global coalition is needed to break down the silos that have contributed to our collective failure to adapt and mitigate.

Our Core Values


We are an inclusive and diverse group of leaders unafraid to step outside our comfort zones and collaborate across sectors and geographies.

Action and Innovation

We are a coalition of doers. Members are not just great at identifying the problems of today and the future, but also taking an active role in solving them and innovating new solutions.

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Inclusion & Partnership

We believe systemic infrastructure solutions will be achieved through inclusive, just and truly global cooperation and collaboration. We welcome knowledge and insight from individuals of all ages, from all backgrounds, including those working outside of the engineering community, and from every region around the world.


We are a knowledge sharing organization. We believe that sharing what we and others have learned will only help us achieve our vision faster.

The Future

We know that our infrastructure must be engineered for future conditions and not just for today. We believe this requires the early and active engagement and involvement of youth as the engineers and leaders of the future.

The Los Angeles Summit

At the end of 2019, global leaders came together to identify the biggest barriers to infrastructure climate adaptation and resilience and to understand how the engineering community could act as a catalyst for action. It culminated in a signed declaration to move forward through a ‘Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure.’