Our Team

Our Team

Meet the ICSI secretariat

Savina Carluccio

Executive Director

Savina is the Executive Director of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) and a fervent advocate of the role of civil engineers in tackling our society’s biggest challenges.

She is an experienced Civil Engineer and infrastructure practitioner with almost two decades of experience advising government, infrastructure owners and operators, multi-lateral development banks and NGOs to develop and implement inclusive, sustainable and resilient infrastructure that is fit for the future.

Prior to taking her role at ICSI, she worked as an Associate Director and infrastructure advisor at Arup and she was the Head of Guidance and Standards at the Resilience Shift. She also serves a member of Institution of Civil Engineers’ Advisory Board on sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Gemma Cowan

Senior Project Manager

Gemma is the Senior Project Manager for Resilience Rising and ICSI. Prior to this, she worked as Communications Manager for The Resilience Shift and ICSI.

Gemma has communications experience in the commercial and development sectors, and spent many years working with marginalised groups in Cape Town’s townships, sharing their stories and working alongside them to create sustainable socio-economic change in their communities. She is skilled in external communications, advocacy, strategy, and project management. Prior to joining The Resilience Shift, Gemma took a career break to complete an MSc Sustainable Development, focusing her research on the effect of gender equity on apparel value chains. Gemma’s core interests lie at the intersection of social justice and climate change issues; she applies a systems approach to problem-solving and believes that solutions to these challenges need to be inclusive, community-led and holistic.

George Karagiannis

Risk and Resilience Programme Director

George is responsible for the development of a risk and resilience programme in the organisation, leading on multiple projects and initiatives including the Turning the World Risk Poll into Action project, funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

From 2019 to 2022, he was Greece’s Deputy Secretary-General for Civil Protection. Before that, he was Technical Officer at the European Commission Joint Research Center, where his area of expertise revolved around emergency management, critical infrastructure protection and hybrid threats. Prior to joining the Joint Research Center, he was a Disaster Management Consultant. He has worked in four countries, developed two strategic national risk assessments, helped organize over 60 exercises, developed a dozen emergency operations plans and responded to disasters in the field. He also was a Research Scientist at the Technical University of Crete in Greece, where his interdisciplinary research lay at the intersection of systems engineering and disaster resilience.

George earned his Doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering from Saint-Etienne School of Mines in France. He also holds degrees in Civil Engineering, Disaster Management and Business Administration, and is a Certified Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers.