Action Track Progress: July 2021

The ICSI Action Tracks have been making steady progress this year. Below are some highlights of the current work.

Leadership Action Track

  • UN Race to Resilience: We are proud to share that ICSI has been accepted as a partner initiative for the UNFCCC Race to Resilience global campaign, the sibling campaign of Race to Zero. This is a truly exciting milestone for ICSI and a brilliant opportunity to expand our network and contribute to global efforts towards climate resilience. Keep an eye out for our official launch later this summer.
  • The ICSI pledge is at the core of our involvement with Race to Resilience and we will provide a channel for members who want to make a difference through developing climate-resilient infrastructure to join us. More details on how to get involved will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • Cities Race to Resilience: This initiative launched on 8 July, as part of UNFCC Asia Pacific climate week. The Cities Race to Resilience is the official track for cities to join the UN Race to Resilience campaign. We will be collaborating with the Cities Race to Resilience team through our Finance & Funding Action Track.

All ICSI Action Track groups will help to operationalise the Race to Resilience commitments and support the campaign.

Innovation Action Track

  • Innovative Project database: We have established a Champion Search group to develop a database of innovative infrastructure projects in order to identify and highlight exemplary initiatives. Development is ongoing and we plan to launch the Innovative Projects Database this September, alongside an abstract detailing the characteristics of an innovative project and champion.
  • Future Trends: A Global Trends working group has also been established to explore key future trends that will shape the civil engineering profession and identify the ways that practitioners need to adapt to address climate-related challenges at a systems level. Outputs will include a list of programmes that encourage innovation across sectors, and a series of trend-based thought papers to be published in September.

Funding and Finance Action Track

  • White Paper: a paper on Green Recovery and Finance for Sustainable Infrastructure has been finalised and will be published later this month.
  • ICE Enabling Better Infrastructure: External speakers Mark Hansford and Virag Martin from ICE were invited to present the ICE Enabling Better Infrastructure The presentation was very well received and followed by discussion for potential synergies. Mark and Virag will also be contributing to the case studies for the White Paper.
  • 2021 State of Cities Climate Finance report: This report from the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA) was released on 30 June and examines the current state of urban climate investment, the barriers to reaching the needed investment levels, and the steps to overcoming these challenges. The report is split into two parts: The Landscape of Urban Climate Finance, and The Enabling Conditions for Urban Climate Finance.

Guidance, Tools & Standards Action Track

  • Position paper: This month, we are proud to share our new publication, A Review of the Landscape of Guidance, Tools and Standards for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure. This paper is an output of the Guidance, Tools and Standards Action Track and serves as a foundational resource for future work. It sets out to bring clarity to the guidance, tools and standards that are available to stakeholders across the infrastructure lifecycle, enabling them to better plan, finance, design, deliver, and operate and maintain sustainable and resilient infrastructure. As this is published shortly, please do share this valuable resource with your networks and the wider infrastructure community.
  • Infrastructure Pathways: This initiative by ICSI, led by The Resilience Shift and in partnership with Arup, was premiered in concept form at last year’s ICSI Symposium. It brings together stakeholders from across the infrastructure lifecycle to map existing guidance and consolidate it into a consistent framework that provides users with practical actions for each phase of the lifecycle. Development is ongoing and we plan to launch the resource in September.
  • London Climate Action Week: On July 1, we hosted a webinar on Infrastructure Pathways as part of London Climate Action Week (LCAW). Speakers from the London Climate Change Partnership, Network Rail, UNDRR, and UCL joined us for the roundtable discussion on the work to date. Read more about ICSI at LCAW here.

We are also seeking individuals and organisations who are keen to join our User Panel for Infrastructure Pathways, and those who are keen to be early adopters. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.