Statement from ICSI Founding Organizers on Covid-19

As shared at our recent Summit, post-pandemic infrastructure stimulus presents a new and immediate opportunity. We encourage all vested parties to follow these basic principles.

We believe that the current global situation will ultimately present a new and immediate opportunity to accelerate change as the Covid-19 pandemic leads to fiscal stimulus that includes infrastructure.

This is a unique time of opportunity for all infrastructure sustainability and resilience professionals to step up and initiate actions that will have long-lasting positive impacts. There are people looking to bring good minds to the discussion about how we restart the economy in a smarter way that will pay dividends for many decades to come.Tom Lewis, engineer and sector president, WSP

The International Coalition on Sustainable Infrastructure encourages all vested parties to follow these basic principles, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic leads to fiscal stimulus that includes infrastructure:

  • Be sensitive to immediate emergency relief measures that may divert infrastructure funds to healthcare-related activity during the early stages of the crisis.
  • Prioritize sustainable infrastructure projects during funding decisions, ensuring they are designed and built to codes and standards that enhance sustainability and resilience.
  • Be ready to focus on essential long-term infrastructure projects, which historically have been a critical economic stimulus, once the world’s economies move past the healthcare relief phase and into long-term economic recovery from the current crisis.
  • Ensure that resilience and life-cycle sustainability, from an economic, social equity and environmental stewardship perspective, are central to project evaluation, selection, funding, design and construction.

Engage our Coalition and other partners so that we can all offer our resources to support this end-goal to our fullest ability.