Engineering Leadership Group

Engineering Leadership Group

Advocating for infrastructure that is fit for the future and leaves no one behind

What is the ELG?

The ELG brings together professional engineering services companies seeking to engage the highest levels of government on behalf of the engineering sector. ELG members engage directly into G7, G20 and UNFCCC processes, influencing the direction of policy on sustainable infrastructure and systemic resilience to climate change and other shocks and stressors.

Engineering-inclusive firms play a key role in developing the equitable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure that our society and planet need.

The ELG is designed to deliver this much-needed engineering sector voice in a coordinated way to drive impact and influence policy outcomes. It also serves to demonstrate leadership within the industry, raising the level of ambition and building consensus on how to respond to proliferating crises.

The ELG advocates for:

  • Prioritising infrastructure that supports sustainable development and delivers positive outcomes for people and planet.
  • Unlocking funding for equitable, sustainable, resilient infrastructure across the globe.
  • Integrated climate mitigation and adaptation pathways that incorporate circularity and span across the infrastructure lifecycle.
  • Embedding risk reduction and resilience in all phases of infrastructure decision-making.
  • Improved policies, codes and standards that integrate climate action alongside upskilling and education for a more robust workforce.

In 2023, the ELG:

  • Officially launched in March with a roundtable at MIPIM, a world-leading real estate market event.

  • Took part in a UNDRR side event organised by ICSI, ICE, WFEO and Resilience Rising.
  • Hosted an Executive Roundtable in Mumbai, under the umbrella of the G20 Indian Presidency.
  • Submitted a paper to the G20 Presidency on the role of engineering leadership and infrastructure in the transition to a resilient net-zero economy.
  • Co-led a COP28 Side Event on nature-driven engineering, policy and finance solutions.

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The ELG is an ICSI initiative supported by Resilience First and powered by Resilience Rising.