ELG to hold Executive Roundtable at Global Coastal Cities Summit 2023

The Engineering Leadership Group (ELG) is delighted to invite its members to join a roundtable on the role of urban infrastructure in the transition to net-zero economy, in partnership with Mumbai First.

According to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, energy, transport and building infrastructure amount to about 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Energy and heat production, in its various forms, takes up the lion’s share of emissions (33%) followed by transportation (16%).

An unprecedented transformation of how we think about infrastructure is needed to achieve the world’s climate and development objectives. Infrastructure should be prioritised in climate investment to support energy decarbonisation. Policymakers, owners, operators, regulators, and investors of the highest-emitting infrastructures, including energy, transportation, and buildings, have a unique opportunity to facilitate a net-zero transition.

Engineering-inclusive organisations are best positioned to inform policy development and explore innovative business models for renewables and energy decarbonisation.

This will be an invitation-only gathering to learn, share experiences, network, review new trends, and discuss best practices. Key discussion points from this Executive Roundtable will be officially submitted to the G20 India Presidency as part of the Summit Proceedings.

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