Action Track

Guidance, tools and standards

Track lead

Savina Carluccio

Project Leader, Resilience Shift

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure hosted its Fall 2020 Symposium in November 2020, one year on after its launch. In this short video,
Savina Carluccio, Head of Guidance, Tools and Standards, The Resilience Shift, and Project Leader, gives an update on the Guidance, Tools and Standards Action Track.

In this short video, Amanda Eichel, Executive Director, Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, gives an update on progress for the Joint Action Tracks on Finance and Guidance, Standards and Tools.


Provide clear and coordinated guidance and standards to plan, develop and assess sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Reduce fragmentation across the value chain.


Proposed actions

  • Map what exists against sectors, users, outcomes, project lifecycle
  • Identify and respond to opportunities for consolidation
  • Provide structure and guidance
  • Identify and respond to gaps, such as procurement.

Objective April 2020

Respond to the urgent need to define and communicate guiding principles for sustainable and resilient infrastructure.