ICSI featured on The Climate Daily

ICSI has been featured on a recent episode of The Climate Daily, a short podcast that covers a daily round-up of climate-related news, hosted by Maude Madison and Jeffrey James.

The episode put a spotlight on the Biden administration’s focus on infrastructure and the capital investments needed to secure infrastructure funding. Madison goes on to outline the founding of ICSI and our mission to make resilience and sustainability a cornerstone of every decision in the infrastructure lifecycle in communities around the globe. The recent launch of our #RaceToResilience campaign also got a mention.

You can listen to the episode here.

The Climate Daily also recently covered the ‘Sustainable Infrastructure: Putting Principles into Practice’ webinar series, which we are proud to co-host alongside the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Duke University, ITTECOP, Conservation International, and the Green-Gray Community of PracticeYou can find that episode here.

The mission of The Climate Daily is to amplify and disseminate diverse, inclusive and intersectional reporting and subject matter expert voices on the crucial issues of Climate Crisis mitigation, adaption, strategic relocation and intersectional environmental justice through scientific, cultural, sociological, technological, economic and personal lenses. Find out more about their work here.