ICSI Highlights from 2021

With 2022 on the horizon, I have been reflecting on ICSI’s progress over the past year. I wanted to share some highlights with you all, including our activities at COP26, the Race to Resilience campaign and several other achievements from the year.

I’m immensely proud of what ICSI has achieved this year and would like to thank you all for your continued support of and contribution to ICSI’s work. There is still much to be done in the coming year and we look forward to future collaborations and taking bold action on sustainability and resilience for infrastructure.

Wishing you a happy, safe, and restful festive season.

Savina Carluccio,
Programme Director

ICSI Publications

We are proud to have published three whitepapers this year, and a round-up report from COP26.



Gaining global visibility
This year, we hosted and contributed to many virtual events centred around sustainability and resilience in infrastructure, including:

COP26 activity
We were proud to be a voice for sustainability and resilience at COP26.

  • ICSI presented at two Race to Resilience events run by the UNFCCC Climate Champions team. You can view the recordings here and here.
  • We hosted a Roundtable Discussion on the engineering community’s role in bridging the gaps on climate, sustainability, and resilience for infrastructure. View the recording here and read the round-up report here.
  • Together with The Resilience Shift, we co-hosted a session at the Resilience Hub on Shifting theory and practice across the infrastructure value chain. View the recording here.
ICSI Programme Director Savina Carluccio (second from left) takes part in the Marrakech Partnership Resilience Action Event at COP26, representing ICSI as a Partner Initiative of the Race to Resilience.

Race to Resilience
ICSI joined the UNFCCC Race to Resilience campaign as an official Partner Initiative and announced our pledge to influence and/or deliver 3,780 projects in 210 cities to improve the climate resilience of 567m people.

Infrastructure Pathways
As part of the Race to Resilience campaign, we launched the Infrastructure Pathways resource at COP26, an initiative by ICSI and The Resilience Shift and delivered by Arup. This is a web-based resource that aims to organize and link key existing information, guidance, and tools on climate-resilient infrastructure across the infrastructure lifecycle.

ICE Brunel Lecture Series
ICSI was announced as co-host of the ICE Brunel Lecture series for 2022/23. This is a brilliant opportunity to expand our reach, particularly in the Global South.

Innovation Projects Database
We have launched a database of innovative infrastructure projects that identify and highlight exemplary initiatives. See more here.

Member spotlights 
We have loved getting to know our members a bit more. This year, we had a chance to interview Breanna Gribble from STV, John Williams from Autocase, and Anthony Kane from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us and we look forward to many more member spotlights in 2022.