ICSI & ICE unveil speakers for revamped Brunel Lecture Series

This year, ICSI is partnering with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to deliver the upcoming Brunel International Lecture series. Now in its 14th edition, the series will focus on equitable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure challenges around the world.

The opening lecture in London will provide a global perspective, with a special focus on resilient cities and the importance of climate equity and support for cities in emerging economies.

Announcing keynote speakers

We are excited to reveal the keynote speakers who will be delivering the opening lecture. Unlike previous years in which one speaker toured the world, this year will see different speakers bringing a unique regional perspective to the subsequent lectures in eight different locations across the globe. The series will foster a dialogue between engineers and policymakers, while highlighting practical engineering solutions at the local level.

The first keynote presentation at the opening lecture will be delivered by Dr Joshua Macabuag, a Disaster Risk Engineering Consultant with the World Bank. He will be followed by Abhilash Panda, Head of Infrastructure Resilience & De-risking investment at the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).


Abhilash Panda (left) and Dr Joshua Macabuag (right) will deliver the keynote presentations at the opening lecture.

‘Lessons to learn from every corner of the planet’

Savina Carluccio, Executive Director of ICSI, said: “I am delighted that this year’s Brunel lecture series will shine a spotlight on the opportunities and challenges of making our global infrastructure more resilient to the impacts of climate change. This is an issue of the highest urgency and there are lessons to learn from every corner of the planet. Our opening lecture brings together two outstanding speakers whose breadth of experience will be fascinating to hear about.”

Dr Macabuag is a chartered civil engineer with over 14 years’ experience in disaster risk-related fields. His varied career has included multiple urban search and rescue deployments following disasters in countries such as Nepal, Beirut and Haiti.

Panda has more than 17 years of experience in international development. He’s managed large-scale multi-country teams and global initiatives to build economic and social resilience.

Following the keynote addresses, there will be a panel discussion with Dr Mark Pelling, Professor of Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London, and Dr Vicky Hutchinson, Practice Director, Environment for UK & Europe at Atkins Global.

The Brunel International Lecture series started in 1999 and has been held every year except during the recent COVID pandemic.

This series will include a mix of in-person and virtual lectures with a focus on Africa (17 November), Europe, south-east Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and North Africa, and Australasia before closing in Hong Kong in July 2024.

Register for the opening lecture here.