IPCC Explainer: The Science of Climate Change

Do you want to understand the latest IPCC report minus the report? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 750,000 word IPCC report is logically worth 750 pictures.

The below infographic was created by John Lang. This is the first of four infographic explainers John is creating on the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report 2021-22 so they can become accessible to a broader audience. The infographic was originally published here .


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If you fancy using one of the above explainers or assets for yourself (or your classroom), drop him a note over email or Twitter. He can provide them in various formats.


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John would like to thank the countless number of people who offered feedback and provided suggestions, most notably ECIU’s Richard Black and Gareth Redmond-King, and Oxford University’s Steve Smith.

Thanks also to the Net Zero Lawyers Alliance (NZLA) for its support. Without NZLA convincing John this was needed, it wouldn’t exist.