Join the Infrastructure Pathways User Panel

The world is at a pivotal point in the global climate crisis. Timeframes to address climate change have compressed and there is a renewed sense of urgency for climate action following the recent IPCC report, which U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres described as a ‘code red for humanity’. The decisions we make today will influence our ability to thrive tomorrow.

Infrastructure Pathways: About the project

With climate resilience front of mind, Infrastructure Pathways is a new ICSI initiative, led by The Resilience Shift and in partnership with Arup. Infrastructure Pathways aims to develop a clear and consistent framework of existing guidance that practitioners can use to embed climate resilience within infrastructure.

Today’s infrastructure is a complex network of interdependent and connected assets that support the ability of society to survive and thrive. At the same time, the impact that the climate crisis is having on our day-to-day lives is increasingly obvious, severe and widespread.

Right now, trillions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure expenditure is being planned, designed, constructed, managed, upgraded, or reaching the end of its useful life. If we don’t take a systematic approach to what is needed and how to deliver it, it will be impossible to meet society’s needs for sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

There are many excellent guidance documents, tools and standards designed to help different stakeholders enhance the resilience of their infrastructure systems to climate change. Infrastructure Pathways aims to organise, consolidate and synthesise what exists in the market already, using a consistent framework that provides users with practical, achievable actions for each phase of infrastructure development. There will be two key outputs: a traditional publication and a web platform, both with curated references, tools and resources.

The User Panel: How to get involved

We are in the process of finalising the content that will be uploaded onto the Infrastructure Pathways web platform to be launched at COP26, alongside a publication that will follow shortly afterwards.

We are inviting those with an interest in this work to join the User Panel. The User Panel’s role is to test and validate that the intended end users’ needs are being met by the project outputs, specifically the web-based platform. We are seeking participants and organisations representing the full range of the lifecycle and audience groups: e.g. infrastructure owners and operators, investors, contractors, government, insurers etc. The aim is to utilise a range of backgrounds and experience to ensure that the guidance meets the needs of practitioners and users.

Members of the User Panel will be asked to:

  • Review the beta version of the web platform
  • Provide feedback through a short online questionnaire

Your feedback will help us improve the outputs of the final knowledge platform that will be launched at COP26. Please note that the user panel review period closes on Fri 15 Oct.

As we develop Infrastructure Pathways over the coming year, this User Panel will form the start of the community of practice that will drive and steer future content development. We hope you will join this global movement to accelerate building and enhancing climate resilience in infrastructure.

If you would like to join the user panel, please get in touch with who will send you the required information. You can also watch this short briefing session that provides more background on the project.


What is the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI)?

ICSI is the voice of the engineering community on infrastructure sustainability, resilience and climate action. The world needs engineers to ensure that both existing and new infrastructure can withstand the impacts of climate change and ensure a thriving, sustainable future for all.

There is an urgent demand for climate action in infrastructure from policymakers and infrastructure owners and operators. The engineering community has the technical expertise and the credibility to deliver resilient and sustainable infrastructure solutions that are transferable, adaptable and outcomes-based. ICSI places engineers at the forefront of climate action, harnessing their ability to provide solutions and matching it with this urgent demand. Through strategic partnerships, thought leadership and knowledge-sharing, ICSI brings together key stakeholders from across the infrastructure lifecycle to drive climate action in infrastructure.