Launching our Action Tracks

In the past month, ICSI has hosted launch meetings for each of our action tracks. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and for your energy and enthusiasm. 

Our action track leaders have provided updates on their respective tracks below. 

Financing Action Track 

The Financing Action track has two primary areas of interest to serve as a starting point:   

  1. Advising the Gap Fund in design of the fund, criteria for project selection and opportunities for expansion and scale.  
  1. Advancing tools to support local government decision-making AND standards and guidance to for sustainable urban infrastructure. For this working group, which is combining two areas of interest as expressed by participants, we will be working with the Action Track on Standards, Tools and Guidance to establish a joint working group and will confirm timing for this directly, along with parameters for these pieces of work.  

Guidance, Tools and Standards Action Track 

The Guidance, Tools and Standards Action Track had a successful and interactive launch meeting on 9 June. Cataloguing and mapping what already exists will be needed as a starting point and the Guidance, Tools and Standards Action Track members will help by crowdsourcing knowledge, expertise and work from relevant initiatives. We have hit the ground running and an impressive amount of materials has already been received from the group.  

Developing guidance for ‘Infrastructure financing’, ‘Developing a business case for resilient and sustainable infrastructure’ and ‘Investment prioritization tools’ have been identified as key areas of interest that we share with the Financing Sustainable Infrastructure Action Track. The two action tracks are establishing a join working group on these topics to avoid duplication and advance efficiently and swiftly.  

A draft set of guiding principles for sustainable and resilient infrastructure are being developed, which will be put out for group discussion at our next plenary meeting on the 14th of July. So watch this space! 

Innovation Action Track 

The Innovation for Sustainability and Resilience Track launched by introducing action track members to the rigorous future-oriented innovation process and “search for innovators” process in which we will engage over the next few months. We are excited to get started working with our two working groups towards identifying and developing innovative projects, finding champions across the globe, and supporting new innovative projects or accelerating projects already in progress. 

Leadership and Due Consideration of Lifecycle Costs Action Track 

ICSI is presented with a very compelling challenge as well as opportunity to step into a contributing leadership role for sustainable and resilient infrastructure at a pivotal time.  To do this we must be bold, future-focused and action-oriented through advocacy and best practices.  Outcomes must be rapid, communicated and cross-leveraged.  To lead globally, we cannot simply focus on the developed world, but also must prioritize and focus on the developing world as a key need and driver of tomorrow.  Likewise, we cannot just focus on how infrastructure is designed and built, but also on how projects are selected, funded, owned, operated, maintained and disposed (or recycled in whole or part). This action track will start with helping to shape the coalition governance.