Action Track

Leadership and whole-of-life costs

Track leads

Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis

WSP USA, Sector President

Dr. Cris Liban

LA Metro, Chief Sustainability Officer

The International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure hosted its Fall 2020 Symposium in November 2020, one year on after its launch. In this short video, Cris Liban, Chief Sustainability Officer, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro), and Leadership Action Track Leader (along with Tom Lewis, Sector President, WSP USA), gives an update on the Leadership Action Track.


Foster a changed project scoping and funding paradigm. Adopt whole lifecycle cost approaches to demonstrate why sustainable and resilient infrastructure outperforms lower-capital-cost traditional alternatives when climate and natural resource impacts are taken into account.


Action plan

  • Share best practices and ideas around whole lifecycle costing and the value of sustainability and resilience throughout
  • Develop change management strategies
  • Identify recommended practices and ideas to promote and research further.