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ICSI Position Paper

"Upscaling infrastructure resilience through innovative financial approaches, governance, and practice"

The Global Infrastructure Hub estimates that there is a $15 trillion infrastructure investment gap globally. The OECD reports that a $6.3 trillion investment is needed between now and 2030 to be in line with delivery of the UN SDGs while $6.9 trillion would be needed in infrastructure investments to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

In particular, low- and middle- income countries tend to be at higher risk of failing to finance and fund capability gaps. Attempts to close these gaps can be impeded by factors including fiscal constraints, weak governance, difficulty quantifying risk, the transition to net zero, and a lack of local focus.

The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) is developing a Flagship Report on Disaster and Climate Resilient Infrastructure that is set to become a periodic high-level report that focuses global attention on the critical and multi-faceted challenges posed to disaster and climate resilient infrastructure. The CDRI Flagship Report will be a dedicated and technically grounded report on infrastructure resilience to be its principal vehicle for engaging and focusing the attention of a global audience of political leaders, policy makers, practitioners, and researchers. The Flagship Report is scheduled to be released at the G20 Summit during India’s Presidency in 2023.

ICSI has been engaged as a Lead Author of Pillar 5 of the Flagship Report, which will address Financing for Disaster and Climate Resilient Infrastructure. ICSI’s contribution will be a Position Paper titled ‘Upscaling infrastructure resilience through innovative financial approaches, governance, and practice’.

ICSI’s Position Paper will:

  1. identify the levers of change – including, but not limited to, the required transition to net-zero
  2. document global examples of current best practice and innovative approaches to financing climate and disaster resilient; and
  3. articulate the opportunities to build out (through cross-sector learning) and scale up innovative climate finance approaches and good governance practices.


The ICSI Position Paper will be developed between July and September 2022.

Taking part

ICSI is seeking international case studies and published references relevant to the topic of innovative approaches to climate finance for infrastructure. Case studies might include successful governance models, strengthened capital markets, risk transfer mechanisms and new financial products and they should cover – where possible – all lifeline infrastructure sectors. Of particular interest are examples that overlap with achieving net-zero targets, are relevant to or implementable by low- and moderate-income countries or involve a local component.

You can submit case studies by completing this brief survey or contacting .