Developing and Accelerating Procurement Practices to Enable Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure​

September 2021

The procurement phase presents perhaps the most critical opportunity to deploy sustainable infrastructure; procurement processes that consider social, economic and environmental factors are able to drive sustainability across the infrastructure lifecycle.

ICSI’s Position Paper ‘A Review of the Landscape of Guidance, Tools and Standards for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure’ has identified that there is a lack of advice for implementing sustainable and resilient procurement practices across the whole infrastructure lifecycle. This short paper expands upon the identified gaps around procurement that were identified in this Position Paper to develop sustainable and resilient infrastructure. It then provides the potential use cases that have been identified to help embed procurement guidance, tools and standards. Finally, the paper puts forward several actions for ICSI to implement in order to address the identified gaps.

This paper is an output of the Guidance, Tools and Standards Action Track.