The Climate Resilience Infrastructure Report: A Focus on Nature

December 2023

The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report series was first launched in May 2023 in an effort to report progress on the state of climate-resilient infrastructure and showcase best-practice case studies and initiatives from around the world. ICSI is now pleased to present Issue 2 of the series which takes a closer look at nature-positive infrastructure that is rooted in an approach that builds with nature, as opposed to around it, and in turn, works to halt and reverse nature loss.

This publication seeks to highlight the relationship between climate-resilient infrastructure and nature and showcase projects that incorporate natural elements in their planning, design, processes, or materials, or that positively impact natural ecosystems. It emphasises the socio-economic and environmental outcomes delivered by this type of approach, helping to articulate the value of nature-positive solutions, and advocating for the adoption, prioritisation, and implementation of these solutions.