Upscaling infrastructure resilience through innovative financial approaches, governance, and practice

December 2023

Increasing pressure on infrastructure systems has been compounded by fragmented governance and a lack of investment, pushing many of these systems toward an uncertain future. Climate change is expected to exacerbate adverse impacts caused by multiple hazards and compounding threats, prompting an even greater need to strengthen infrastructure capabilities that can address known and unknown threats.

Building on existing concepts and published references, this paper highlights and frames key aspects that have significant potential to upscale and accelerate resilient infrastructure finance. These include bringing a sharper focus to the value case and desired outcomes for resilient infrastructure; being intentional about utilizing ongoing global initiatives as ‘levers of change’ for resilience and drivers for systemic change; ensuring that success-enabling factors are included in the process; and learning from practice to implement at scale and at pace.

This Position Paper was published as a contribution to Chapter 4 of the CDRI Biennial Report of Global Infrastructure Resilience.