Register to play EARTH EX, the global resilience scenario exercise

The 5th Annual Earth Ex Global (EEX-21) is open to play anytime between 1 September through to 31 October 2021. Register to play as a team, an organisation, an individual or as a family.

The Resilience Shift has supported the Electric Infrastructure Security Council previously in its mission to help build preparedness and resilience to unexpected events across organisations and societies.

We also used the scenario methodology in collaborative workshops involving black sky simulation and exercises, to understand how cross-sector stakeholders need to work together to better build multi-sector resilience.

These scenarios help to demonstrate energy system interdependencies, a theme we have further explored, and links to our thinking around the cross-sector nature of the resilient energy transition.

In 2019 and 2020, EARTH EX® was played in over 41 countries, with thousands of organizations and individuals registering to play.


Why play EEX-21?

EARTH EX® is a free opportunity to self-evaluate levels of preparedness and resilience in the face of real-world Black Sky and other potential disasters. This year’s exercise presents two engaging climate-change-influenced scenarios that have been seen to be very relevant for many of us – uncontrolled fires and extreme flooding events.

Each year, EARTH EX® advances one or more of the primary Black Sky (prolonged duration power outage) threats to support preparedness and resilience discussions. This year’s themes include developing situational, understanding evacuation decisions, supply chain and resource management impacts, and the critical restoration mission.


What to expect?

EEX-21 is a dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking tabletop exercise. It uses state-of-the-art video injects and a modern game-like interface to present the situation, new information and facilitate exercise play through the exercise landscape.

Play consists of gathering new information, developing courses of action, and making and refining decisions. Players receive all the essential information for their sector and other sectors that can influence the environment. There are two separate phases, one for fire and one for floods. Players can play individually or as a team, together in a room or virtually from across the globe.


Who should play?

Everyone – there are Individual and Family tracks for everyone to participate along with six functional areas supporting in-depth play for organisations, businesses, and government agencies. Within those six areas, thirty-eight unique lanes address nearly all of the functions that make up the modern, highly interconnected, and interdependent world.


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