The Climate Resilience Infrastructure Report: A Focus on Nature

Dec 2023

Upscaling infrastructure resilience
through innovative financial approaches,
governance, and practice

Dec 2023

Engineering Change: Consultation Report

Dec 2023

Accelerating Implementation
of Disaster Risk Reduction and
Resilience in Infrastructure

July 2023

The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report: A focus on implementation

May 2023

The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030: Reflections and Insights from the Global Engineering Community

March 2023

Implementation Lab at COP27: Engineering the vision for climate-resilient transport

Nov 2022

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure

March 2022

ICSI Roundtable: What is the engineering community’s role in bridging the gaps on climate, sustainability, and resilience for infrastructure?

Dec 2021

Green Recovery and Finance for Sustainable Infrastructure

Oct 2021

Developing and Accelerating
Procurement Practices to
Enable Sustainable and
Resilient Infrastructure​

Sept 2021

A Review of the Landscape of Guidance, Tools and Standards for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure​

July 2021