The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report: A Focus on Nature - SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE

Building on the success of the first report in the Climate Resilient Infrastructure (CRI) report series from the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), sponsorship is now being sought to support the development and launch of the next report: The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report – A Focus on Nature.

Built environment practitioners across the world need access to curated examples of innovative solutions that go beyond code-based minimum requirements or traditional standards. There are many inspiring examples of infrastructure that incorporate performance-based design, nature-based solutions, sustainable materials, off-site modular construction, and more.

The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report – A Focus on Nature will provide access to best practices and solutions that will not only inspire and empower practitioners to take action but will also highlight workable approaches and solutions that have successfully integrated infrastructure and nature to key decision-makers, such as infrastructure policymakers, investors and owners/operators. In turn, this will help bring awareness to the actors and initiatives that are best placed to deliver sustainable and resilient solutions.


In an effort to highlight some of the exemplary climate-resilient infrastructure projects from around the world, ICSI has created The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report series. This series of publications is affiliated with the UN-backed Race to Resilience global campaign, which aims to catalyse action to enhance the resilience of 4 billion people from communities vulnerable to climate change by 2030.


The very successful first issue in the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report series, launched at the end of May 2023, had a focus on implementation and showcases best-practice case studies and solutions from across the globe. From exemplary participatory processes to new and innovative ways to harness technology for sustainable development, the featured case studies each demonstrate ways to deliver solutions for infrastructure that work to uplift nature instead of dominate it, put human well-being at their core, and build climate resilience and adaptation. Contributions to the Race to Resilience targets and the Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda outcomes were also highlighted, where relevant.

Issue 1 was extremely well-received and amplified by several partners in our networks. As a result, Issue 1 had over 650 downloads in the first two months since its launch.


We are now excited to be developing the second issue of our Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report with a focus on nature and nature-based solutions.  More specifically, this issue will take a closer look at the inter-relationship between infrastructure and nature, and will seek to highlight projects and associated solutions that incorporate nature in their design, processes, or materials, or that otherwise positively impact natural systems by mitigating and/or better adapting to climate change.

Featured case studies will:

  • Elevate the agenda for climate mitigation, resilience, and adaptation across all infrastructure sectors
  • Showcase best-practice examples of infrastructure that incorporate, preserve, complement, and enhance natural systems
  • Represent a range of contexts, regions and geographies
  • Make a tangible contribution to the implementation of the Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda
  • Be consistent with the goals of the Race to Resilience campaign

The report will also include a foreword from the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions Team and will be publicly launched and featured at COP28 (the UNFCCC annual global climate conference attended by more than 10,000 people each year) in November 2023.


ICSI is now looking for a sponsoring partner organisation to support the publication of the second series. The sponsorship opportunity for this report will include:

  • Logo placement on the front cover of the report
  • Company logo, link and blurb on the sponsor page of the report
  • Public launch during COP28
  • Publicity through ICSI’s own platforms including website, social media and newsletters
  • Amplification through the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions network including website, social media, and newsletter, with potential reach to 1,500 Race to Resilience member organisations (mix of public/private sectors and NGOs).
  • Thought leadership piece, or Q&A written piece, to be published on ICSI website
  • Opportunity to provide opening/closing remarks for the report


Call for EOIs closes on 30 September 2023. To express your interest in this opportunity, please email us at