The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report: A Focus on Technology

Building on the success of the first two reports in the Climate Resilient Infrastructure (CRI) report series, the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) is working on the next publication: The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report – A Focus on Technology.

Built environment practitioners across the world need access to curated examples of innovative solutions that go beyond code-based minimum requirements or traditional standards. There are many inspiring examples of infrastructure that incorporate performance-based design, nature-based solutions, sustainable materials, off-site modular construction, and more.

The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report – A Focus on Technology will showcase available roadmaps, tools and emerging digital technologies, as well as projects and initiatives that have incorporated them, in the hope that these can serve as inspiration and guidance for practitioners seeking to advance climate resilience.

It will explore how digital technologies can enhance decision-making for climate resilience throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure, for example, by modelling physical climate risks and impacts, providing an assessment of the condition of existing infrastructure, or supporting efficient and reliable decision-making, before, during and after hazard events. The publication will highlight how emerging technologies can significantly reduce and/or manage risk uncertainties and complex interdependencies.


In an effort to highlight some of the exemplary climate-resilient infrastructure projects from around the world, ICSI has created The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report series. This series of publications is affiliated with the UN-backed Race to Resilience global campaign, which aims to catalyse action to enhance the resilience of 4 billion people from communities vulnerable to climate change by 2030. Read more about the series here.

Featured case studies will:

  • Elevate the agenda for climate mitigation, resilience, and adaptation across all infrastructure sectors
  • Showcase best-practice examples of infrastructure that incorporate and harness technology to enhance climate resilience
  • Represent a range of contexts, regions and geographies
  • Encourage investment in climate resilience and adaptation
  • Make a tangible contribution to the implementation of the Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda
  • Be consistent with the goals of the Race to Resilience campaign

The report will also include a foreword from the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions Team and will be publicly launched and featured at COP29 in November 2024.


We will soon open a call for contributions and case studies that will form part of the upcoming report. Why should you contribute? 

  • A Blueprint for Resilience: The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report – A Focus on Technology will serve as a blueprint for integrating cutting-edge technology into climate change strategies. It’s more than a report—it’s a set of actionable insights to inspire and empower practitioners. 
  • Driving Climate Action Through Technology: Elevate your infrastructure’s climate strategy through actionable insights and pioneering solutions from ICSI’s latest climate resilient infrastructure report, featuring world-class examples of adaptation and resilience that are shaping our world. 
  • Continued Excellence: Leverage the momentum of our first two reports in the series and be part of the innovative drive shaping sustainable infrastructure globally.