The ICSI Pledge

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The ICSI Pledge

Engineers in Action… Launching a Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure

The global population will face unprecedented challenges over the next 50 years, from rising seas to more frequent extreme weather events, all of which will happen against a backdrop of significant demographic changes and technology advances. These global trends are already posing well-documented challenges.

Practical solutions are needed in order to adapt our infrastructure, close the resilience gap, and breakdown barriers to action. While there has been some progress in developing technological approaches and favorable environmental, economic, and social policy to lessen the impacts of the changing climate, we need a larger scale commitment among all stakeholders, and especially engineers, to:

  • Identify, prioritize and better understand the gaps and barriers for the planning, designing, building, maintaining and operating of sustainable and resilient infrastructure now and in the future;
  • Cultivate and unlock the full potential of untapped partnerships and funding investments designed to reduce the impacts of extreme weather events, create sustainable and resilient infrastructure, and effect social change; and,
  • Understand and identify practical plans of action and resources for implementing strategies that influence realistic short-term goals and, also have measure, long-term effects.

We the undersigned commit to unite forces and bring our relevant expertise and resources to a Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure.