Why Engineers?

Why we need to mobilise the engineering community


Engineers have a crucial role to play in responding to the climate crisis

They hold the technical expertise needed to drive solutions and implement action.

Engineers are widely trusted by the public

The engineering community is well positioned to make an impact beyond their own industry, to influence policy and planning, and to become leaders on climate action.

Engineering challenges are disproportionately spread across the globe

Infrastructure needs are rising, particularly in regions with growing urbanization, and in places where climate impacts are putting pressure on existing infrastructure.

There is an imbalance of science and engineering capacity across geographies

We are missing engineers in regions where they are most needed. As the infrastructure requirements increase, so too does the need for engineers and infrastructure specialists in these regions. For instance, 10 million engineers are needed in Africa alone in the next 30 years in order stay within the 1.5˚c goal.