Workshop: Building Climate Resilience with Infrastructure Pathways

Calling those involved in every stage of the infrastructure creation lifecycle to attend our workshop, part of London Climate Action Week, to help us create new guidance for resilient infrastructure that’s fit for the future.

Why resilience matters

Right now, trillions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure expenditure is being planned. If we don’t take a systematic approach to putting resilience at the heart of infrastructure projects, it will be impossible to meet society’s needs for sustainable and resilient infrastructure. The impact that the climate crisis is having on our day-to-day lives is increasingly obvious, so our infrastructure needs to be designed with these extra stresses front of mind.

Infrastructure Pathways – creating new guidance for resilient infrastructure

Infrastructure Pathways is a project to create a comprehensive set of guidance documents, for all stages of the infrastructure lifecycle, that puts resilience front and centre.

There are many excellent guidance documents to help different stakeholders enhance the resilience of their infrastructure systems to climate change. Infrastructure Pathways aims to organise, consolidate and synthesise what exists in the market already, using a consistent framework that provides users with practical, achievable actions for each phase of infrastructure development.

Infrastructure Pathways is not just a report. It is intended to function as a resource to be referenced by practitioners as they go about their work. There will be two key outputs: a traditional publication and a web platform, both with curated references, tools and resources.

The aim is to create consistency in language and approach, for non-experts and experts alike, to use across the infrastructure lifecycle. The website will be an interactive, filterable online platform that allows users to easily identify and explore guidance relevant to their needs.

We need your help

Thu, 1 July 2021
17:00 – 18:00 BST

We are inviting all those with an interest in infrastructure to join us for a focused workshop to discuss and share their work to date. We also hope to identify individuals and organisations to join the user testing group for the forthcoming report and online platform. In addition, we are seeking input from those interested in piloting and/or disseminating Infrastructure Pathways following the global launch in the Autumn of 2021.

You can register for our free event, part of London Climate Action Week, here

Find out more

With climate resilience front of mind, Infrastructure Pathways is a new initiative by the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, led by The Resilience Shift and in partnership with Arup. The initiative brings together stakeholders from across the infrastructure lifecycle to map existing guidance and provide line of sight for practitioners to embed climate resilience within infrastructure. Watch the video below to find out more about the project, or you can read our Infrastructure Pathways page.